1. Are 3d prints hard to work with?

No, most of our prints are in liquid resin which can be drilled, sanded, filed, and painted similar to styrene. However, resin prints are generally fragile due to small details and thin parts. We developed our own custom blended resin to get a great balance between details and durability.

Unless noted in the product description, all of our 3d prints are unfinished. They will have the supports removed and will have been cleaned of resin residue. Some sanding/filing will be need to to cleanup areas where printing supports were located. Prints can be cleaned in 90% Isopropyl Alcohol for up to 10 minutes if needed.

2. What is your order turnaround time?

We strive to process your in-stock order in approximately 5 business days or less. However, not all of our products are stocked so it could be longer depending on how many orders we have at that time which could take up to 2-4 weeks for your order to be printed and shipped. You will receive an email update when your order ships.

3. What countries do you ship to & how much is shipping?

Shipping to United States addresses only via the website currently. If you are overseas and want to place an order, please contact us with the products you want to order, and we will provide a custom shipping quote.

4. Do you offer volume/bulk discounts?

Yes, most of our products are available with volume/bulk discounts upon request. Typically, bulk orders will not be packaged individually and will come in bulk packaging.

5. Do you print in other scales?

In terms of our product line we plan to offer products in N scale, HO scale, and Z scale. Other scales may be available if there is demand for it. For HO scale we highly recommend checking out macrailproducts.com and he6agon.com who we have done production printing for.

6. Do you do custom request?

Custom request is the bulk of our business. Check out our Services page for more information on custom request.

7. Do you offer Dealer discounts?

Yes, contact us for more information. We will need to know more about you and our shop in order to get you setup as a dealer.