Milwaukee Road Copper Anode Car Kit

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This HO Scale kit is a model of Milwaukee Road (MILW) shop built Series 67700-67719 Copper Anode Cars. These cars were rebuilt from cut down gondola frames. Originally built in 1964 to transport cast copper anodes from the Anaconda Company smelter in Anaconda, MT to the refinery in Great Falls, MT. Typically used in pool service with similar cars built by Great Northern.

The kit includes:

  • Detailed resin 3d printed body
  • Custom laser cut steel weight
  • Removable resin 3d printed copper anode load
  • Custom screws for trucks and couplers
  • Separate 3d printed uncoupling levers and airhoses
  • Kadee Brake Wheel
  • Custom decals for both early and late versions

Not included and must be supplied by the purchaser:

  • Kadee #566 - HGC S-2-B 70-Ton Friction Bearing Trucks 
  • Couplers: the 3d printed body includes coupler pockets

Designed and 3d printed in the USA. Resin color may vary. Unpainted. Some sanding/filling will be needed to clean up where printing supports were located. 3d printed grab irons and stirrups are provided for convenience only and are fragile. Decals are printed by Circus City Decals.

These kits are made to order, please allow 6-8 weeks for the kit to be produced. Initial run will be limited to 20 kits.